Freeze, don't throw!

Freeze, don’t throw!


Chop up leftover veggies or fresh ones that are not looking so good and pop them in a saucepan, just cover with some water and add a stock cube and a little seasoning. Cook gently for 20 minutes.  Blend if you want to make it smooth.  You have a perfect soup that you can pop into containers and freeze! TIP: You can use this ‘soup’ as a base for curries and casseroles too!


Stew fruits, allow to cool and pop in the freezer.

Blitz berries and then pour into an ice-cube tray, freeze and then use as a nice addition to a glass of sparkling water or wine to jazz it up!


Milk is fine to freeze, just make sure it is properly defrosted in the fridge before using.


Cheddar freezes well and you can grate the cheese from frozen, perfect for pizza toppings or cheese on toast.  Softer cheeses don’t freeze so well, that’s not to say you can’t do it but once defrosted they won’t be quite as good as they were before!


Bread freezes well.  Split a loaf into several batches and pop in freezer bags so that you can defrost smaller quantities.  Blitz up stale bread into breadcrumbs and pop into small bags, great for toppings, meatballs, stuffing etc.


Fresh pasta freezes well as does cooked pasta.  Makes sure you rinse the cooked pasta in cold water then cool properly before placing in freezer bags or pots.

Don’t throw it away:

Don’t throw curries, stews etc. that are left over.  Freeze them and you have a quick meal to hand when you are ready.   Sounds, strange but leftover curry on a plain pizza base topped with a little cheese then baked makes an amazing leftover pizza!

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